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The Story Behind

Västerbottenssåpa is a concentrated och environmentally friendly soap made from recycled fat without preservatives and fragrances.


The recipe originates from the 1920s and is with a few minor technichal tweeks largely unchanged to this day.

An environmentally friendly product

Fat, such as frying oil, from restaurants is usually transported over long distances to be disposed of, which affects the environment negatively in the longer term, so therefore we recycle the fat from local restaurant kitchens for the sake of environmental preservation.

In our factory we then purify and saponify the fat into our trademark concentrated soap, which is then provided to our suppliers, enabling them to clean their premises in an environmentally friendlier way. Thus a cycle is established. The surplus we produce is what we sell in our online store. The soap is packaged in plastic canisters, due to their light weight being a more environmental friendly alternative to glass.

Our vision is to increase awareness, environmental thinking and develop a sustainable business model. Most of us are oblivious to our contributions to the mountains of waste we create while dining out and also to the chemicals we infest our homes with. We are generally unaware that a fresh scent doesn’t necessarily equate to cleanliness. By producing an ecological and natural soap out of local waste products we protect both the outdoor and indoor environments from chemical contamination.

Produktserie Västerbottenssåpa

Why is the soap hard?

Since everyone has water in their own home, transporting water is a waste of time and environmental resources. Therefore our concentrated soap has an old-fashioned hard texture, and is easily dissolved in hot water. A bottle containing 450ml corresponds to approximately 1,4 litres liquid soap. Our product guarantees cleaner furnitures, vehicles and homes without unnecessary additives.

You do have the option of adding scent to the soap. We recommend, of course, an environmentally friendly fragrance – or that you purchase our soap with juniper tree scent.
We also provide liquid versions of our eco-friendly soap, manufactured in the same manner as the hard soap.

Dosage and usage

Dissolve 1-3 tablespoonfuls of the concentrated soap in 10 litres hot water. Keep in mind that it may take a while for the soap to dissolve, so you can speed the process up by whisking the mix in the meantime. We recommend you to purchase the liquid version of the soap, which dissolves immediately, if your primary usage is for wiping and mopping floors.
For cleaning sinks or stoves, use soap on a scrubber or dish-brush.

The soap is ideal for cleaning vertical surfaces such as tiled walls of kitchens and bathrooms. Place some soap on a sponge and dip it gently in lukewarm water. Let the soap remain on the sponge a few minutes before rinsing off.

The soap is ideally stored in room temperature since it can change to a brighter colour when kept under cold conditions or frozen, but this does not affect its performance. If stored without a lid, the surface can whiten (due to the absence of preservatives). This doesn’t either affect its performance.

Like any other cleaning product it should be kept out of reach for children and separate from food.

When sorted as waste the canister should be sorted as hard plastic (PET).


Soap and saponified vegetable cooking oil. No other additives.

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